A new grooming messenger

Apostle is a new type of beauty brand intersecting between skincare and makeup, conceived for those who seek cosmetic products that inspire self confidence and enhance natural beauty. 

The culture restricts what’s acceptable for men to be, we believe that such restraints are harmful to personal development and well-being. 

As society evolves and new standards of beauty emerge that are grounded in inclusion and self expression, Apostle opens the door for men to tap into a deeper sense of self confidence through beauty rituals. 

A brotherhood, united in our commitment to redefine what masculinity means today, Apostle aims to restore your faith in mankind.

“Apostle represents the emergence of a new idea of masculinity and champions the next generation of males who seek to break from the archetypes that came before them.”

Tony Lecy-Siewert, Co-Founder/CEO

Clean formulas that perform

All Apostle products have been formulated to adhere to the latest in clean beauty standards without compromising performance. This includes the exclusion of over 50 ingredients known or thought to be harmful to humans and/or the environment.

No frills, accessible, and efficacious

When we set out to create Apostle, we knew exactly what we wanted to build. A clean, no frills brand of beauty products that men would fall in love with. Early on we made the decision that no product would have a price tag of more than $30, and most importantly, we would not use any ingredient in our formulas that didn’t serve a purpose.

Natural looking, inclusive shade range

All products have been developed to enhance rather than cover. Goes on like skin, feels like skin.

“At Apostle we believe that daily care and a strengthened mind-body-soul connection cultivates self-awareness which is a building block for healthy self confidence and empathy.”

Jamie Melbourne, Co-Founder/Artistic Director

Meet our Founders

Apostle was co-created by Jamie Melbourne and Tony Lecy-Siewert. 

With a career spanning back to the supermodel era of the mid 90’s to doing makeup on Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, Jamaican born Jamie Melbourne has run multiple hair and makeup agencies, is a former and current male model, and former first assistant to Francois Nars of NARS Cosmetics.

Formerly in-house at Versace and NARS Cosmetics, Tony Lecy-Siewert is a former branding agency business owner, co-founder of a recently acquired beauty tech business, and luxury branding and strategy consultant.

Sharing a friendship grounded in the strength of their differences - social background, age, and culture - they found a mutual vision of accessible masculine beauty and created Apostle.