5 Reasons to Invest in Tinted Moisturizer & How To Use It

5 reasons to invest in tinted moisturizer

Why Apostle’s Reclaim Tinted Moisturizer is the power player you need in your routine.

Tinted moisturizer is one of the most sensible additions a man can
make to his grooming routine. If you’ve ever suffered with an
uneven skin tone, acne, or woken up with eyes like an exhausted
raccoon, this stuff is your secret weapon to achieving a more
polished appearance.

It’s a tall order for something that can fit in the palm of your hand to
be genuinely life-changing, sure, but switching up and enhancing
the products you use can transform your day-to-day for the better.
Combining the benefits of skincare with the flattering power of
makeup, Apostle’s Reclaim Tinted Moisturizer, in its unique pebble-
shaped bottle that has plenty of benefits worth knowing about.
Below, five reasons that adding it to your daily routine is the
smartest move you can make for your face.

It’s the ultimate time-saver

Heavy night last night? Only had three minutes to get ready this
morning? Just feeling (and looking) exhausted? No one will be any
the wiser if you’ve got tinted moisturizer. It might take women an
average of 30 minutes to apply makeup, but tinted moisturiser can
be done in literal seconds, making it a handy sidekick to have with
you at home, at the gym, or at work. Whether you use it in the
bathroom before a big meeting, to assuage redness after a workout,
to stealthily cover up the effects of a monstrous hangover, or even
to pep your face up before a zoom call, no skincare product works
faster. “You look tired” is a phrase you’ll never hear again.

It’s good for your skin

Here’s where it gets interesting. Tinted moisturizer might seem like
something that’s only good for your appearance, and when you
wash it off at the end of the day you’re left exactly where you
started. Fortunately, clever advancements in skincare technology
now means that’s not always the case. Enter the “Apostle Blue
Mountain Complex”. A finely tuned formulation of ingredients
including niacinamide (great for softening the appearance of open
pores) and Vitamin E (which works to boost skin health and
strength), this stuff won’t just make you glow when you have it on;
it’ll also work to make sure your skin is in much better condition
than before you started using it. Everyone loves a multitasker, after

It brings a big payoff with minimal effort

One of the most overlooked benefits of a tinted moisturizer?
Beyond the confidence tinted moisturizer gives you and the tangible
results on your skin health, the main thing is simply that it’s
incredibly easy to use. You thought having incredible looking skin
was high maintenance? Not so. Of course you’re always going to
have better skin when you take care of it––and a cleanser and SPF
should still be part of your daily routine––but nothing else gives
instant and natural-looking results quite like a tinted moisturizer.

It gives you a summer glow all year round

Think of tinted moisturizer as a cheat code to get that natural post-
vacation glow you retain for approximately 3 days after stepping off
the flight––but bottled so that you can look that great all the time.
Unlike makeup, which is usually intended to cover up the skin,
tinted moisturizer works more naturally to enhance and flatter
what’s already there. A light squeeze of this stuff smoothed lightly
over dark eye circles or blemishes will help to hide them, sure, but it
will also work to give skin an inner healthy radiance, like switching a
light on from within. And, if you’re particularly keen to rock the sun-
kissed look, you can choose Reclaim in the shade one darker than
your natural tone. The difference in the twelve available shades
should be subtle enough that it will simply look like you’ve been in
the sun for a few days, thereby giving you a head start when you jet
off to sunnier climes.

It fits seamlessly into your routine

Tinted moisturiser washes off incredibly easily, but it also combines
well with other skincare in your grooming regime too. Got an
unsightly pimple that you need to make disappear pronto before a
party? Eye bags demanding overweight baggage charges? In those
situations you need a little extra help, you can easily combine
Reclaim with a concealer. Put on the tinted moisturiser first to
smooth out your skin tone, creating a base with which to apply
concealer to any spots, blemishes or dark circles you really want to
cover up.

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